Riverdale Episode 8 Recap

Is there really such a thing as a perfect family?  Can the golden couple from high school grow into the shining example of the what makes a family perfect?

Jughead tells us as the narrator that the Coopers were high school sweethearts.  They had two beautiful girls and wonderful careers and the perfect life. That is until they get shoved into their own Romeo and Juliet story, when Polly and Jason fall irrevocably in love.  These two star crossed lovers met by chance, even had a nasty, short lived break up. But when Polly found out she was pregnant, Jason and Polly got engaged with his grandmothers ring, and planned to run away together.  Which all ended tragically with Jason's death and Polly being locked away by her own parents.

How and can the golden family of Riverdale ever get back together?

Veronica thinks so.  She feels that by throwing a Baby shower for Polly and inviting the Coopers and Blossoms, maybe this old feud can finally be put to rest for the benefit of the  baby that Polly is carrying.  It's a big Lodge to do, but the Blossoms do not let that stop them from making an entrance.  Alice desperately wants Polly to come home, she doesn't understand why Polly doesn't want to return to her family home.  Mr. Cooper absolutely refuses to partake in any of this as he will have nothing to do at all with anyone or thing related to the Blossoms.

Seems that the Blossoms are now causing trouble for Andrew's Construction.  The crew Fred had ready to start the project backed out because Blossom made an offer they couldn't refuse.  But it is putting Fred in a tight spot, looks like the business is going under and there isn't anything Fred can do.  Fred finally tells Archie what's happening and Archie works to help his dad find a solution.  The solution is that Archie and his friends come out to help, except someone comes and starts breaking equipment and even attacks Moose!!  But who is behind it, the Blossoms, the Southside Serpents, the Lodges??

Archie, Moose and Kevin head to a Serpent Bar to find out if they were behind it. Moose thinks he may have seen some and Archie approaches the guy, pretty heated, almost starting a bar fight.  In walks FP, which is when Archie finds out that Juggie's dad is a Serpent. Did I mention that FP has Kevin's boyfriend hide Jason's jacket. Yeah that happened but does FP have something to do with Jason's death?? And Kevin's boyfriend is using Kevin as an in on information with the sheriff.  FP then brings a crew to work the new project, Fred agrees and Hermoine and FP discuss who was behind the attack. Turns out they were likely from Montreal, and connected to Hiram Lodge, and were sent to send more of a message to Hermoine than to Fred.

We find out that Mr. Cooper is absolutely against having a Blossom baby in his house.  That he even offered to pay for an abortion so that Polly wouldn't have to live with her mistake. Seems this wasn't the first time and Mrs. Cooper kicked him out, because having her daughter home was more important than continuing with some ridiculous feud.

Polly makes a choice, even though Alice did everything to get her to come home, Polly still chooses to live at the Blossom's estate.  What is going on with that girl?


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