Riverdale Episode 11 Recap


A time of celebration, a time to remember days gone by.  Mary Andrews comes home to see Archie, things are looking up for Hiram Lodge and there may be some leniency in his case.  FP seems to be getting things back under control, he eve read Jughead's manuscript.  Are things about to start getting better even though Jason's murder is still unsolved?

Veronica is not into continuing her moments with Archie, but she is interested in getting to the bottom of the Jason's murder. Betty however, is not interested in finding out if FP has anything to do with Jason's murder because she has already been there and knows that FP told Jughead he had nothing to do with it.  Veronica teams up with Alice Cooper and enlists Archie to find out the truth about FP and whether or not he had anything to do with the death of Jason Blossom.

Polly is on a mission to discover what the Blossom's are hiding.  She has been exploring the mansion and feels that there is something hidden in the Blossom's master bedroom that will lead her to knowing that they had something to do with Jason's death. She even agrees to be homecoming co-queen with Cheryl the night of homecoming hoping to distract Cheryl from what she is doing.

Alice invites Jughead and FP over for supper as a way to keep them from FP's trailer so that Veronica and Archie can search it for any clues that would tie FP to Jason's murder.  Betty is non too pleased with Alice's antics but agrees to attend dinner. Alice makes the dinner some what awkward by grilling FP on his past and present endeavours, you would think she was a lawyer and not a reporter.  Veronica and Archie find nothing in FP's trailer, nothing to link him to the murder, but it causes a break down in the relationship between Jughead and his friends because they did this behind both Betty and Jughead's backs.  Betty tries to let Jughead know she had no idea that Veronica and Archie were conspiring to search FP's trailer but Jughead is too hurt to believe her.

Cheryl and Polly continue to bond over homecoming, and then they go to explore the Blossom's master bedroom together.  In this exploration they find the antique engagement ring that Jason had on him the night he was murdered.  How did it end up in the jewelry box?  Mrs. Blossom claims that Jason threw the ring in Cliff's face when he denounced his involvement in the Blossom Family business.  Polly then finishes her milkshake, but it's been laced with sleeping pills and Polly misses the dance.

At the dance Betty figures out what Veronica and Archie have been up to.  She is upset but again not as upset as Jughead.

Some one tipped off Sheriff Keller and he goes to search FP's trailer.  What he finds leads to the arrest of FP for the murder of Jason Blossom. News reaches the high school and Jughead takes off to figure out what happened.   The rest of the teens really have to process what FP's arrest means for each of them. Will he implicate Hiram Lodge and bring down Lodge Industries?  Will Jughead spiral out of control? How will Mrs. Blossom cope now that FP has been arrested?


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