Photos, and photography, are a passion of mine.  From the time I was really little I have loved looking at photos, having my photo taken and taking pictures.  If you know me in real life this is something that you are probably saying yeah no kidding.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that this is true, but it's always been a hobby, something to do to catch those moments.  Now I am really interested in taking it to something else, a semi-professional hobby let's say.

I have been taking photos since I was 12, I got my first camera at that age and then since then I've always had a camera of some sort.  So I know how to point and shoot, but my new camera has all kinds of new options, I can control shutter speed, I can control Apeture I can use presets and I get all these amazingly different photos.  Not all of them are great, but I would bet anything no photographer takes amazing pictures with every shot!

So my plan this summer is to teach myself photography and how to use my camera.  The idea is if I can get really good at using my point and shoot then I can upgrade that camera to a camera that has interchangeable lenses.  And then I can further expand my photography skills.

See I love photos, I love taking photos, but I would never have the patience to be a studio photographer, or a photographer that sets up the shot.  However, I am going to start building a portfolio of pictures that I would be willing to do for others.  These photos would be in a real life situation.  You are taking your kids to the park and you want to capture their playing, fighting, joy and tears.  You are having a birthday party and want photos of the goings on but because it's your kid you don't have time to take all the photos.  Those real life times when you want to be present with your kids but wish someone was being a paparazzi of your family.  That's the photography I want to do.  My photography is Jenn's Real Life Photography and here are a couple of my first shots.

Yes I have edited them, just to give them an extra pop, but my first set of photos are the photos I took on T's third birthday!


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