SeaWheeze 2015

OH MY GOD!! I did it I registered for my first half marathon!! It's official, next August I'll be spending a weekend, at least, in Vancouver participating in a half marathon!!

I've always wanted to run a half marathon, I think runners and swimmers have the best lean bodies and that's my ideal body to work towards. I may not get super lean but when I was running before I was pretty lean, it made all my limbs look almost gangly lol and I felt seriously confident back then. Unfortunately, I had just been running to lose weight it was an easy cardio exercise and I started thinking I could really enjoy running if I had something to train for, but no one I knew liked running, so I had no motivation to start on my own.

Then my girlfriend Becky ran the Sea Wheeze this past August and she really enjoyed it, so much so that she wanted to do it again, so I thought this would be the best time for me to sign up. I have some other girls who are motivating me and AND I could really enjoy running along the ocean to complete this half marathon!!

So I did it, I registered, I paid, I am in, I'm getting shorts sent to me, so now I have to work to get into shape.  Back to the Collicut and running outside for me now to get into shape, then in April it will be time to start the big half marathon training!!

Things just got real!!!


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