ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So the new thing going around Facebook is this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  It's inundating my feeds with videos and people nominating other people, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd find myself nominated, I was praying it would happen prior to the end of summer, doing this in winter would be terrible!!!

I'm not really into torture, and pouring ice cold water on myself seems like a form of torture.  But it is for a good cause and ALS can be a such a scary disease, so I'm hoping that this doesn't just turn into some stunt that people do in order to not donate. I don't actually know much about how this challenge all got started, it just started appearing on my feeds and then even media personalities started participating in it as well.  So when Chandler got nominated we were camping at the lake and we decided to film the challenge at the lake and we put both him and his friend Eli into one video.

Chandler, my darling first born, nominated me!! So I had to do the ice bucket challenge as well.  But we all agreed to donate $10 each to ALS research as well!! I hope everyone else who does the challenge also donates and that ALS research gets enough donations to make a break through in their research!!

Here are links to our two videos.

chandler's ice bucket challenge

My ice bucket challenge

So there you have it, two Ice Bucket Challenge Videos!!! Enjoy!!!


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