Last Camping Trip of the Season!!

Summer has come to an end, and we sent it out in style!! For a girl who isn't into camping, I had a busy, busy summer doing just that.  Thankfully I did it in our new trailer otherwise it would have been a very different summer.  The last camping trip of the season was a long one, it was busy and it was a lot of fun!

The last camping trip of the summer was with the whole family and Chandler's friend Eli.  Though there was enough room in the trailer for us all to sleep in the trailer, Chandler and Eli set up a tent to stay in.  We got all settled into our campground spot and spent three days awaiting the arrival of the Krawec family.
they whittled boats

Our three days alone the boys did some fishing and we hung out at the campsite playing games and enjoying some great food!! We brought cards and board games to enjoy in the evening.  The boys also enjoyed time around the campfire, Adrian even bought little packets to change the colours of the campfire.

The fishing from the dock was ok, but I'm not sure anyone was really successful. But it was a way to spend the days and kept the boys more unplugged than usual.  Being in a more remote area the cell service was not that great.  If it wasn't for the cell phone booster in Adrian's truck we may not have gotten service at all.

Thursday night the Krawec family arrived for the weekend!! I was so excited to see my bff!! We had some great laughs and some fantastic visits!! It was nice to have a long visit with Estelle, the last few times we've gotten together it's been hard to have a real visit because it's been during big family events and stuff.

We even got Sasha out playing.  She played fetch and went swimming, two things she hasn't done in two years!!! silly dog!!

We played different games with everyone and the kids played some hide and seek in the dark. Those kid games brought back some fond memories and I wish I lived in a more kid friendly area so that Leigham could play those games with the neighbourhood kids as well. The adults played horseshoes, beersbie, sticks and poker.  We also had a game of Settlers of Cataan!!

The only day we had fish at the campfire was the day Scott caught a Jack and Estelle and I "caught" two perch.  I place "caught" in quotations as we told the boys that we caught the fish, but we actually were given the fish by a nice gentleman at the dock.  We did come clean eventually and to be honest the boys didn't ever believe us, but we did try to catch some fish, they just weren't biting for our hooks.

It was a long seven days, but a great seven days!!!

he was making a grumpy face so I did too!! hahaha

someone slept a lot someone else not so much


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