French Immersion

We'd decided years ago that we would put our Lil Man into a school that would focus on a second language, whether it was Spanish or French we hadn't decided until last year.  As you can tell we went with French.

The reasoning was actually really simple, though we both thought it would be amazing for him to be bilingual in Spanish, it wasn't necessarily a program we would be able to keep him in long term, so we decided that since French Immersion is offered in more communities that would be the more appropriate route. I didn't want him to get started going to school in one type of program and not be able to continue because we moved from that community. I like consistency.

So Lil Man is in French Immersion, and I'm not even sure where to begin to help him out.  I took french for 8 years in school as a second language, I have a great understanding of French, but I'm not a fluent speaker.  I can decipher French in books and can usually pick up enough French in a sentence to be able to understand what is asked but I have to reply in English because I just don't use the French skills I had enough. Therefore my responses come out as rudimentary.

So I'm on the look out for ideas and places to go to help me, help him.  Because his English skills will be amazing, I'll be able to do Math with him too, but the rest is going to be a bit more difficult.

So I'm checking out websites, going to add things to my pinterest boards and I'm reading blogs.  This blog is all about Kindergarten French Immersion.  It's pretty cool and it seems like a good place to start.  This should be a fun journey for myself as a parent to venture on with my child!! I'll keep you posted and who knows maybe I'll be able to dust off my French Language skills too!!!


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