13 years

As Allan Jackson says, "Where were you when the world stopped turning?"

It's been 13 years, and much like D day, people still remember where they were on this day.  You can't help but remember where you were when the twin towers came down, when the pentagon was attacked or when brave americans took down terrorists in a plane to stop them from killing even more people.

Yesterday I was listening to people talk about Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane and their upcoming cross over episodes of Simpson's and Family Guy.  The DJ was explaining how Seth was saved from 911 because he was so hung over that day he missed his flight, a flight that crashed into one of the towers.

But have we learned from that day?  That's the biggest question I have.... and I don't mean about our defences or about are tactical plans in war.  I mean have we learned anything that makes this world better?

I don't know but I know that day as scary as it was, as devastating as it was, was a day of learning if you looked for the positive lessons.  Humans will put aside differences to band together to help people in need, in times of great need nothing matters but finding help to maintain human life, because LIFE is precious, life is what we should be working towards.

yeah I'm rambling I know, I do it often but it's usually those long winded ramblings that lead to some enlightened point.....


  1. The truth is...the world learned nothing from this event. Well nothing but to direct their hate in a new direction. Let's hate Muslims! Wow, if Hitler could have only had an event like 9/11 happen to fuel the German's hatred of the Jews even more! Does it not seem similar? Hey! Let's all hate Muslims because ALL Muslims (not the fanatics) attacked the free world! Where are we hating Catholics and Christians that kill employees at an abortion clinic? Oh, those are only the crazies. Apparently only they're the ones that have the small group of crazy zealots, not every other religion.
    THEN we attack back. Killing probably far more than the approx. 3000 people that died in the terrorist attacks on the US. and I'm sure about 95% of the casualties of our counter attacks were innocent people. However, our killing was justified! It wasn't terrorism on a people. Funny how the definition of terrorism changes depending on the side of the coin you're on.
    I'm not saying the terror attacks on the US were warranted. I'm not saying we should just forgive and forget. I'm not saying nothing should be done. I'm saying we're not so innocent in the horrors going on in this world as we like to portray ourselves to be.

    1. I agree Roxi!! We didn't learn any great lesson, we learned how to glorify a new "enemy". We made another group of people the bad guys to justify our exploitation of their resources. I just think it's terribly sad that we keep voting in these people to make change and yet, they don't.
      I agree that we aren't innocent and that we are most likely portrayed at the bad guys on the other side and I can accept that as their truth, I just wish I could find a way to change that.
      I wish I could find away to help teach tolerance in this world that is so intolerant.


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