Joining the Millionaires' Club

Winning the lottery, or creating something that then offers me the luxury of making millions of dollars is a dream many people have.  I am definitely not exempt of this dream.  Often times I find myself daydreaming about all the places I would go if my bank had a higher balance than it does at this point in my life, Greece, Hawaii, Scotland, Ireland, Norway just to name a few.  Purchasing a house or houses and reliable cars and paying off debts would also rate high on the list.  But, it is the philanthropy that I would find the most fulfilling.  Having an exuberant amount of cash in the bank would greatly change any one's life, and I know exactly how my life would change.

The travelling bug bit me at a young age, I am not sure if it bit me so much as embedded itself deep within my psyche, but I love to travel.  My trips have taken me across the western states and across Canada, but I have never crossed an ocean or been on a tropical vacation.  Having a surplus of money in the bank would allow my trips to become more elaborate and exclusive.  I dream of travelling all around Greece and Europe.  I would love to go on a cruise but a year long cruise so that I could disembark for long periods and explore all areas of this planet.  I would spend time in the Caribbean and South America, go on a safari to Africa, travel around the world and learn of all the new cultures I came into contact with.  Travelling would be one of the best things to happen to me if I was able to have millions in the bank.

Before any travelling could occur there are a few things on which I would have to spend a portion of the money.  Paying off debts like student loans and mortgages and the like would top that list.  I would then make sure that I bought my dream house in Lake Tahoe, and if not just purchase it, contract it out to be built exactly as I dreamt it to be exactly where I want it to be.  Lavishly, helping out my family and close friends I would buy them a house or pay off their mortgages and gift them with a new and reliable car.   Ensuring that each was able to enjoy some of the vacations I went on as well.  One exuberant purchase I would make would be to have my hairdresser on retainer, she could work in her own shop but I would pay her every year so that she could be at my beck and call to do my hair when I wanted, even if I just needed a relaxing shampoo and head massage.  I think besides the house in Tahoe, I would have another house close to my family but I would also have an RV so that I could travel around.  Let's be serious some of the new RVs are amazing so it's not like I would not be living in comfort on the road.  Having nice things is great but sharing those riches with others is even better.

Generously giving of my money and myself to important charities is something else I would dedicate my life to.  The planet is in need of much help for it's citizens and any time I could get involved with physically helping out I would volunteer my time.  There are some charities I feel very strongly about but I am not very scientifically inclined so to those charities I would throw benefits or just donate money when I could.  I am loving the new show on ABC that has millionaires incognito and they go out and help regular citizens that are doing great things.  A friend of mine always says that when she wins she is going to drive along a highway and then give herself a flat tire and the first person that stops to see if they can help her, she is going to give them some cash.  I think it's a great idea and I would love to do that, just to help celebrate the goodness in the hearts of people.  Helping to improve this world in the generosity of the human spirit is a goal for me, regardless of how much money I have.

Millions of dollars would definitely change my life and the lives of the ones I love.  Being able to freely travel the globe and seeing all the amazing sites on this planet would be a dream come true.  Buying dream homes and helping out my family with their living situations in a positive manner makes me feel good about sharing my luck and living without debt would be a great relief.  But it's the changes that could be made to the people whom I do not know that would satisfy me the most, knowing that I had helped to alter a persons life because of the goodness in their heart just proves to me that the power of goodness has greater strength than all the evil that the news propagates.  My life would definitely change, but I feel that it would change for the better and allow me to live out my dreams and help me to help others.

No this hasn't happened yet, but I have faith that one day it will. Maybe not the lottery but I am sure I could find something to help me realize this lol :P


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