Vancouver Trip 2011: Preparation

May long has forever been a weekend of great apprehension for me. It's the weekend that is supposed to kick of summer and for the most part I always find it falls flat.  If I go camping it rains or, worse, snows.  If I stay in town it's hot out and I wish I was at the lake.   Never since I was sixteen have I had a great May Long weekend, it's kind of like New Year's Eve, so I decided to make a change this year.  I decided I was going to go to Vancouver to visit friends. 

I found a great deal on Westjet and I booked my flight, made arrangements with a girlfriend to set up my jewelry to do show one night and it was all set to go.  A week before the trip one girlfriend said she couldn't do the show anymore so I asked another friend who said she was willing.  Then it was about planning out my trip, setting up things I wanted to do while I was there.  Some of the things that topped my list were going to the Ocean and Stanley Park.  I also wanted to see some of the sights of Vancouver I hadn't seen before like Queen Elizabeth Park, Wreck Beach and Grouse Grind. 

The girlfriend I was staying with suggested we see Sun Yat Sen Garden, and visit Chinatown.  She also suggested we check out the Flea Market, a club one night and Night Market.  There was  a definite theme to the things she wanted to show me, it was really interesting to see Vancouver through her eyes so I was excited to try these different experiences.

I flew out Thursday night and arrived in Vancouver at 11:30pm.  The first night my girlfriend and I just sat around her apartment and visited.  It had been two years since we had actually seen each other face to face, the last time she had come down to visit just after my father had passed away.  So it was great to see her and to be able to catch up without having a phone tucked into my ear.  Then it was 4 days of busy times so I went to sleep waiting for the next day.


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