Routes of Writing

I have recently joined where I can rate books, look at what other people are saying about books and I can also share my writing on this site within different groups.  It's been a pleasure and blast having only been signed up with them for a week or so.  In one of the groups I joined they have a monthly writing contest where you can submit a story in a certain genre and the other members of the group can vote for their favourite.

This month the main genre is romance with the secondary genre being fantasy.  Now either genre will be accepted so you can submit one story a month, but it has to fit into one of the two genres otherwise you are disqualified.  I decided I wanted to try to write a story that I could post and I wanted to do a romance story.  I love my chick lit stories about romance, but I wasn't sure if I could write one. It's not like a lot of romantic things have happened to me in my life. I mean really I am the girl that continued to go on a date with a guy that had asked me if I was pregnant again!?!?!?!  I will tell that story later.

So I thought I had finally came up with a good storyline.  I am taking it a little from my past when I had a secret admirer, yes at one point in my life I had a secret admirer, it was scintillating,  no it wasn't I was in grade 4. :p So I thought the storyline could follow a young heroine as she found love from an unexpected source and saw that it wasn't what she saw as imperfections but what others saw as strength of character that made people love her. 

It definitely was not going to be a harlequin romance story, but it would be a romantic story.  However, as I put pen to paper, yes I am a little old fashioned like that and tend to do my best work that way, the story started taking on it's own agenda.  I was a little surprised at the route it took, but I am enjoying writing it.  It may be added to my Locker Stories collection. 

I just find it so amazing how stories when you are true to the story you are writing will lead you to some fantastic places.  It's always a journey, as it should be, for the writer and when someone reads it they get to go on a similar journey that you went on the first time you wrote the draft.  This character is definitely coming to life, much like Princess Leia's hologram on Star Wars, but she's not flickering as much.  When I am done I will post some of the story up here.

I am having a great time writing though!!!  Maybe I will finish a book this summer yet, I mean I do have some long drives ahead of me, where I will be the passenger.


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