Vancouver Trip 2011: Day 1

Arriving in Vancouver at my friend's house was a surreal experience.  In all the time that we had been friends, I had never actually stayed over at her house.  So this was a virgin experience for me.  We had a lot of plans and a lot of things we wanted to get done but there were a couple things that had to be done at a certain time so we worked out our schedule to work around these events.  We also had to hope that the weather would co-operate, let's just say that for this prairie girl, Vancouver weather is not very desirable.  But Friday dawned and it was bright and sunny ready for us to get up and explore the area that my friend called home.

We walked down to Victoria and looked at all the stores on the street.  We bought some groceries from the stores and then headed home to have breakfast.  Let's just say the eating habits on this trip left something to be desired for my dieting and workout regime but holidays always seem to screw with eating habits.  The markets on Victoria were very quaint but it got me to thinking about the billingual laws of Canada and how these Asian business get away without even having English in their stores?  After that we hung out in my friend's suite and got ready for our night. 

I have been wanting to learn to curl my hair with my flatiron for ages and I was finally able to do that. Thanks to my friend who patiently showed me how to do this task I can now say that I know how to curl my hair with a flatiron.  Here is a picture of the finished look.

Once we were both beautified we headed out to meet her boyfriend so we could catch the game and have a bit to eat.  We tried to go to Burnaby's for a meal but it was packed so we checked out the Cactus Club.  We were able to get a seat in the dining room right in front of the television.  It was a good night, the game had a horrible beginnig, but the food and company made up for the poor showing of the Canucks. I can't say I was sad, I mean San Jose won, but being in Canuck country did not make me brave enough to cheer out loud. 

After the game was over and Vancouver was sad because their team was not going to sweep this series, we headed into Richmond to check out nightmarket.  That is an experience for sure.  It's like a huge outdoor flea market at night.  The stalls are set up in this huge area by the water and the stalls are predominantly Asian inspired.  But you can find lot's of things for electronics, beauty accessories, and food.  I found tonnes of cell phone covers for my Iphone 4.  I even found a cover with a flip cover to protect my screen. I was so happy with my finds.  But there were all kinds of things that would invite shoppers of all kinds.  It's definitely something people should check out when they are in Vancouver.  It's on Friday and Saturday Nights in Richmond by Cathay Importers.

My friend and her boyfriend indulged in some food stalls, but I was still full from supper so I passed.  After our Nightmarket adventures we headed back to Burnaby where my friend's boyfriend lived and we spent the night at his place.  It was a good first day, we didn't accomplish a whole lot that was on our list but we had some great times doing the things we did!!

The next day was filled with more fun filled adventures!!!


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