Organizing My Life!!

Ok I admit it, I have too much shit!! Too much stuff that is cluttering up my house, stuff that needs to find a new loving home, stuff that I can so do without because it is in the bottom of some bin in my basement and has not seen the light of day for years.  So why am I holding onto it??  You got me?

I even got two new cookie sheets a couple weeks ago and instead of tossing my old cookie sheets I just added the new ones to the old ones, like I would ever use the old ones again. Well maybe I would for camping but then they don't need to be in my cupboard anymore.  And my basement is a natural disaster zone, you can't walk through it without stubbing toes on stuff.  I also have too many clothes and need to purge my closet.  It's hard for me to do this, because I am sure that I will wear some of these clothes again, but maybe if I just get rid of them I won't worry about having to wear them again.  The same could be said about my shoes.  Now my shoe collection is not as extensive as some that I know but I have large rubber maid containers of shoes that I need to purge because I may wear them all but I only wear a few frequently and hey it would give me a reason to buy newer shoes!!

I know that I even have some baby stuff that I could purge from my life.  I am still planning to add another mouth to my family, but there were some things that we didn't really use with Little Man so I doubt I will use them with the next baby.  It would also be great if my basement wasn't just a dumping ground for baby stuff and it was organized in a specific area.  That's what I want and that is going to be my next big job.  That way I can get rid of a bunch of stuff hopefully and life will be great then!!


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