Wedding 2011: The DRESS!!

Oh my oh my oh my!!! That's all I can say right now. My mother and I went out dressing shopping this weekend.  There are two stores in Red Deer for wedding dresses so you have a selection but maybe not the biggest selection of dresses say if we were in Calgary or Saskatoon even.  

I had gone online and looked for a dress I had even found a dress that I thought would be the one.  I loved the look of the dress on line but I have watched enough "say yes to the dress" to know that you have to try on the dresses before you decide and besides if you don't try on the dresses you might miss that one dress that would be perfect for you.
Here is the picture of the dress I thought I wanted.  I love the ribbon at the waist that can be personalized to your colour.  I love the sparkles and glitter on the bust part and how the sparkles go down the gown part as well.  But again that is the picture on a person that is not me.  So when I went into the store I looked for a dress like this but could not find one and the halter styles I did  try one were a definite no go!!

I tried on so many dresses. Many A-line skirts with fitted busts, some princess style dresses, some straight bust lines, some sweetheart necklines, some empire waist styles and some mermaid styles.  So many friggen dresses and styles.

If you watch the wedding shows, you always hear the girls say, 'I never thought I would pick this style of a dress but I love this dress and it's my dress' I went in thinking, I know what type of dresses I always buy for things like New Years and Weddings that look great on me, so my wedding dress style should be fairly similar.  Right?!?!?  Nope wrong, completely and utterly wrong.  

I found four dresses that I really liked.  Two at each store. However, my favourite dress was a complete surprise to me.  Actually my two favourite were surprises to me.  I don't need to order them yet so I am going to continue to look, I am hoping I can get down to David's Bridal in the States to try to find a cheaper version of my dress that I really love.  Or else I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy the dress.  

If anyone knows of any great places for wedding shopping let me know!!


  1. i had a vision going in with my wedding dress - very plain, simple, silk and flowing. the dress i bought was the exact opposite. it was the 7th dress i tried on and it had just came into the store the day before. i bought mine in saskatoon but the place is now closed and it was the only place i went.

    a friend of mine bought her dress online for dirt cheap and it was beautiful.

    as corny as it sounds, when you try on the "one" you will definitely know. good luck!


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