July is over... now August begins

So many times the summers seem to pass by like nothing happened.  Last summer it was the end of the summer and I was like, "WTF... I didn't do anything how can the summer be over already."  That wasn't a completely accurate statement, but I worked all summer and only went away for a couple weekends.  I didn't have any big trips or anything and the summer passed much like the rest of the year.

Now this summer is more than half over.  We have been very busy this summer.  And I am now at the point in the summer that if it is more than a day trip, I ain't doing it.  No way, no sir, no how!!!  I am vacationed out and all I want to do is stay at my house and do renos.  Renos may not be that much fun but the thought of just waking up in my own bed, not having to get into my car if I don't want to, playing in the lawn with Little Man put huge smiles on my face.  I love going back to Saskatoon, but even the thought of making that drive for a weekend trip just sends creepy shivers down my spine.  I DON'T want to do it. 

I was supposed to have one more trip this summer.  It was for our girls only weekend, unfortunately life interfered and now I can't make it.  I am so sad because I won't get to see the girls this summer, but part of me is ok with it... not having to leave my house again for some time is alright with me.

eating chocolate cake at Izzy's birthday!!
Here are some pictures of what happened in July!!!
Little Man opening presents for Izzy... he's learning to open presents already.
Visiting and walking with Aunty Courtney

Little Man learned how to stand and open and shut doors
Little Man has decided that he is too cool for a spoon.
Chan got some new glasses
On another note this is my 101 blog entry.. that is so crazy to me... but kinda cool... Hopefully I can get in some more before another year passes by!!!


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