August comes and so does the hot weather

Since we got home the weather has been gorgeous (knock on wood).  I am hoping this trend will last for the rest of the month.  I am LOVING the weather. 

I am vacationed out though.  We spent the long weekend in Saskatchewan at Turtle Lake.  It was a good time.  Hung out with Estelle and her family!  Little Man did alright for his first camping trip ever.  We didn't stay in a tent, we got to stay in a little camper that was at the cabin. I caught three fish, and Ade caught three fish. These were expensive fish, they cost about $10 a piece after paying for our fishing license.  LOL

So now I am home for the summer. I was supposed to have one more weekend away, but I can't find a sitter to watch Little Man, and I am flat broke.  Silly vacations cost too much money.  But being home has it's advantages too.

We have so many projects that need to be completed around the house.  We have painting to do and some landscaping to finish.  I am so happy because yesterday we were able to stain and varnish the banisters for the stairs and build a new fire pit area.  And the fire pit area looks AH-mazing.  Again my design but Ade was able to execute it perfectly!!  So with enjoying my Little Man, finding childcare and renos on the house August looks pretty booked up!!


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