So with becoming a grown up I have decided that I would rather contribute to saving this planet for my children as opposed to destroying it.  With that being said I have really started to do some different things around the house to help with that. 

In my world of recycling there have been some major changes.  We have always recycled, bottles, cans, milk containers and cardboard.  We haven't always been diligent about the paper recylcing and the soup cans and that stuff.  But last weekend I went to Home Depot and bought two more blue bins to help us with our recycling.  One bin is for cardboard, one for paper, and one for cans that don't have a deposit on them. 

In my garbage world things have taken a huge turn.  We used to throw everything out, left overs, diapers, junk, well quite frankly everything that didn't fit into our recycling categories.  But as of two weeks ago I bought a compost bin from Tail Blazers in Red Deer.  So now we are composting food, (not meat because it just rots and is not good for your composter), dryer lint, some paper, lawn clippings and anything else that came from the environment.

It's a big change but I think it's worth it, I know the world is constantly changing and my kids won't live in exactly the same world that I knew. (Oil Spill in the Gulf anyone?)  BUT I can make a small difference in my life to help them experience a world that is in repair.  I can also teach them these recycling habits so they can continue to help heal the earth.  This isn't really rocket science but it can help.

Any other suggestions for how to recycle and live a more green life send them my way.  Making changes everywhere!!!


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