California Part 4

I was sad to leave Tahoe, I absolutely adore it there.  However, we went to Tracy to visit Darlene and her family, and Jeni and Jay.  Darlene fixed us supper while Chan and Chris swam in the pool.  Little Man and I hung out inside with Ade and helped Darlene with supper.  After supper we headed out to watch Melissa play some Junior Giants.  It's a really great organization that gives kids a chance to learn how to play baseball, and it's FREE.  Why don't the Oilers or Flames do this for kids in Canada???  Junior Giants are all over the Bay Area it's so neat!

That night I took Ade to meet Jay.  Jay is married to Jeni and they have their own little man, their little man will be 2 in October.  We had a great visit with them.  Jeni even decided to come with us the next day to Jelly Belly Factory.  

The next day started out early.  Little Man thinks that getting up at 6:00 am on holidays is fun, I can't convince him other wise either.  We got all the kids together and Jeni arrived at Darlene's with her little man.  We got her little man loaded into our rental car then we drove off to Byron.  Our first stop was the Byron Cafe.  It is this little diner on the side of the highway that I absolutely enjoy.  They have the best breakfasts!!!  After breakfast we headed back out to Suisun City, to the Jelly Belly Factory.

The Jelly Belly Factory was pretty neat.  While waiting in line to go on the tour Ade even got a beer to drink. Apparently you can get beer everywhere in the states!!  We got some cool paper hats and I bought the souvenir picture as well.  We wanted to go to the Bud Factory as well that day, but we did not make it.  Ade was a little disappointed (maybe a lot) but I think he eventually got over it.

The next day was my cousin Meladi's birthday so we went out for supper.  It was a cute little restaurant and I have completely forgotten the name, but it was a lot of fun.  I think it was called Mimi's or something like that... but don't quote me, because I honestly can't remember.


  1. we were going to do the jelly belly factory too but i chose going to the state buildings in sacramento and the outlets in fulsom. next time i am definitely going to check it out!


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