Reality Television: Big Brother Observations

So often I find myself watching reality television shows (Survivor and Big Brother) and then getting frustrated with the contestants on the show.  In both these shows there is a huge social game, a social game that will determine whether you win the game or not.  The last two seasons of Survivor had Russell the Rat, who made it to the final both times only not to win in the end.  He was a great player, but he had the social skills of a gnat, which alienated himself from the rest of the jury members.  So with out the social game you can’t win Survivor and without the social game you can’t win Big Brother.

As I watch season 12 of Big Brother the need for the social game is very evident.  I have no favourites this season on the show.  I just have people that I dislike less than others. 

Last season I loved Jeff and Jordan and they had a great social game.  They were a showmance, and were not the most popular couple in the house but they made it to the end because they knew how to play a legitimate social game that did not alienate themselves from the other houseguests. 

This season I find that house is full of back-stabbing, foul mouthed, poor sports.  We have Brendon and Rachel who are this season’s showmance.  We have Brittany and Monet the popular girls from High school.  The self proclaimed Brigade made up of Meow-Meow (Enzo), the Brain (Matt), The animal( Hayden) and The Beast  (Lane).  There is Andrew, Kristen, Annie, Ragan and Kathy the floaters who go where the power is.

Since the show began we have said good bye to Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristen.  Tonight Rachel left the house as well, she is our first jury member.  I was not sad to see Monet and Kristen leave, I found Monet to be a catty beeotch.  Kristen, whom I didn’t even realize was in the house until the 5th episode, was just blah, she had no personality until the end and then she was just so bitter because she got called out.  Annie was not around long enough for me to really make an opinion, which is often the case when the first person leaves.  Andrew was fun to watch I thought he would make a great player, he was so different but again he was a little socially awkward and that is what put him on the outside.

Which brings us to Brendon and Rachel.  Their problem is that they have wrapped themselves so into themselves that they don’t socialize with anyone else.  And their lovey –dovey behaviour makes the rest of the house ill.  It makes a vast majority of America sick as well, if the Saboteur suggestions are any indication.   Rachel is just so into Brendon that she is forgetting how else to play her game.  She is a great competitor and a great game player, but she became obsessed with Brendon and her showmance that they became outsiders.  Hayden called them out as a showmance and put targets on their backs.  Had Rachel and Brendon spent more time socializing with the other houseguests and less time making out on the hammock or in the bedroom, I think their game would have been extended.  However, they forgot about the social aspect with everyone else and were forced to fight for their position within the house the entire time they were there together.  Now Brendon is left to fight on his own. 

The Brigade, even though I hate their macho- ness, is playing a smart game.  They are keeping their alliance hidden but are working together.  They set out with a goal and it does not seem that they are working out final two at this point they are simply working towards final four and then when they reach their goal they will determine final two. 

I am not fond of Brittany or Kathy.  Kathy just seems useless, and Brittany is just a catty beeotch. She pretends to be everyone’s friends then talks behind their back in the diary room. And the things she says about people just make me feel like she is a heartless beeotch.  I just don’t like her. Kathy is oatmeal.  She is so plain and now she thinks she has aligned herself with the power players so she’s being all cocky.  What is she and Brittany going to do next week when they find themselves up on the block against Brendon if he doesn’t win, or up on the block when Brendon does win??

Ragan is the only player right now that I am enjoying. He isn’t annoying, and he is competing in challenges when he is chosen. I am enjoying his diary room chats. I am glad he is the saboteur, but he is picking the easy saboteur tasks as well, I wish he would do some more tasks that would cause mayhem in the house.  Not just possibly causing panic, because so far the two tasks he has chosen have not done anything but stir up speculations within the houseguests.

Was Annie right though is there a couple of people in the house who are life long friends, who have been friends forever??  If so who could they be??  My speculation is that Ragan and Matt are the life long friends, or it’ Kathy and Brittany as a family relation.  And is Ragan right in suggestion that Rachel might come back into the house.  Because if there is a vote for America to send another houseguest in I am so voting for Rachel, I think that would just piss them off.  And it would create such drama and make for good television.

I don’t know those are just my observations and musing on one of the reality shows I am watching right now.  I may post again about what’s happening. Lol, if you are a BB fan let me know, let’s start a conversation about what we like or don’t like about this season’s contestants and show. 


  1. well put. i agree with you about not liking anybody this season on bb12. there is usually always one person to pull for and this season is seriously lacking it. i loved jeff last season and was so devastated when he was eliminated last year that i actually quit watching the show. ya i know i am "special". I hated the shomance between rachel and brendan. it made me hate them which was no good because i liked him at the beginning. i feel forced to watch it this year and am the same as you in that i don't like anybody it's just a matter of who i dislike more. i also agree with the regan stuff too because I think he is the most normal person on the show and that says a lot.

    i hated all the girls from the start and still do. Brittany is probably the most terrible person in the whole world. i can't believe that there is someone in this world who is that awful. if she makes it to the end i just may boycott bb forever!!

    bb just makes me so darn angry. glad it's not just me!


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