Recycling Complaint

Dear Recylcing Agencies of Canada,

I am working hard to start living a greener life.  I am recycling, sorting and composting to help keep this planet Green!!  But I have found a few flaws in some of the rules YOU have established.

I recently took my bottles, cans, milk containers and juice containers in to be recycled.  I would like to thank Alberta for finally accepting Milk containers.  When I was living in Saskatchewan you were encouraged to recycle your milk containers even if you didn't get anything for them so I did.  When I moved to Alberta you guys told me to just throw them out (that irritated me).  I digress, so today here are the two things that happened that irritated me a the Cosmo center.  1) I had one bottle from the states in my collection of bottles,(1!) and the guy told me he could not accept it, and threw it in the garbage.  Now I can understand not being able to give me a refund for the bottle, but to just throw it in the garbage!!!  I am there to recycle not to add to the garbage problem.  The reason we had that bottle is because we bought it in the airport after clearing security to return home.  The point is COSMO should have taken the bottle to recycle, not just thrown it away.  2) When bringing in glass bottles there is a risk that they will break, as a few of mine did.  Again the worker just disposed of these bottles instead of setting them aside to be recycled.  I don't care if I don't get the refund for those bottles but DON'T THROW THEM OUT.

As a recycling consumer I wish to express my deep concerns and hope that these issues will be address forthwith.

Thank you for your time


  1. That sucks you guys don't have curb side recycling. I love it and helps me recycle loads more. I too would find it frustrating to see them throw out the broken glass and the US glass but from what I hear there actually is no market for recycled glass at this point. basically all recycling facilities have loads and loads of glass in the warehouses because there is no where for them to go. perhaps you can think of a way to use the recycled glass and make some money. i've tried but come up with nothing.

    good for you for trying to make a difference!


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