Wedding Woes

I went so long without blogging and now today I have already written three blogs now.  Check out my new blog regarding my lifestyle lift!!
 Now onto what this blog is about, but that big event in my life that is fast approaching.  The Wedding!!!  (play dramatic music here). 

When I was younger I pictured a princess wedding.  I would have a huge princess gown of white with beading up the train.  My veil would be long and white and my shoes would be fabulous heels.  My hair would be down to my waist and eyes would be shimmering with excitement at seeing all my friends and family.  My father would walk me down the aisle and give me away, he would have tears in his eyes for seeing his little girl growing up.  My best girls would all be in my bridal party.  We would all have matching jewellery, and it would be the biggest event the town had seen in years.

Now practicality has set in..... I can't have everyone in my wedding because I can't afford that big of a wedding.  I also don't want that wedding anymore, there are components of it that I do want, but as of 2009 my dreams for my wedding have changed.  I want to married on a beach, I want to have my family there, I want some of my closest friends to be there.  I want it to be a more intimate affair.  I want people to have fun, because they truly felt like they were part of my day not just a guest at it.  For me that is so important to me, that if you come to my wedding you feel like you are part of the wedding not just someone who has come as a guest to see what happens.   I want to ensure that my guests have a good time at my wedding, I don't even really care much about the reception.  I would honestly rather have the reception back at home where more people could come out, but again I don't know that I want to have a dance, maybe just a barbecue or something more informal like that.  It is something I have to figure out soon I guess lol.
So far our plans for August 15, 2011 are coming together a little slowly but we are getting there.  We have set the location for Lake Tahoe.  We will be exploring the area in July and hammer out the rest of the details after our trip to California.  I haven't decided about my Bridesmaids, who they are, what they will wear.  I haven't even chosen a dress for myself, although outlet malls in July be prepared for a whirlwind shopper.  We haven't formulated a guest list more because we haven't decided what we all want to do, but I think it will come together soon. 

Every time I think I have things figured out a new obstacle comes to light.  Money is always number one.  We have to save for this trip as a family it will probably cost us $5000 just with hotel, gas, food, Las Vegas and Disneyland stuff that we are planning for the month of August.  That does not include the wedding stuff except for the hotels.  Other obstacles are not knowing what to plan, and trying to ensure I get all the things I really want out of the wedding.  It's a lot of planning but maybe hiring a wedding planner would be an idea, but that could get expensive.  I am trying to do invitations by myself, but then I haven't gotten a picture of Adrian and I that I want to use, hopefully we will get a nice picture taken in Lake Tahoe that we can use.  Another obstacle is people, not all people but some people.  We have heard from some that they don't understand why we want to go away for our wedding, they don't understand why we don't get married right here.  It's our wedding though, we would love to have everyone there but we UNDERSTAND if you can't make it due to costs. But don't rain on our dreams because you are upset about it.

I try to face these obstacles with my shoulders back and a positive outlook.  I tell people that this is what we want and that we are trying to work it out so that as many people as possible can come, but that we will do something at home so that everyone can take part in our marriage which is what a wedding is about.  People coming to support a marriage, by attending that first step, but even if you can't attend you can still support by being positive.  As for money, well it's about creating a budget and living within that budget.  I do not want to have a wedding that is going to put me into debt. I want a small affair that is memorable for all those who attend and fun to experience via dvd for all those who can't make it but would like to see.

Now I have so many great friends that have gotten married and I am now calling on you to help me. Help me by letting me know what things were most important for you when you planned your wedding.  Let me know what surprises you found with your wedding.  This is my wedding 9-1-1 call out to all you married girls that read this blog!!  Thanks


  1. First of all...remember that this is YOUR wedding. You can have it any way you want.
    Get married at the circus if you want, wear a blank pant suit if you want, have an ordained ex pro wrestler marry you if you want.
    My suggestion is this, there are a lot of other beautiful dresses out there that can be used as a wedding dress and no one will be any wiser. Also then you seem to be pigeon holing (how the hell do you spell know anywho) into a certain group of dresses when the perfect dress may be in the bridesmaid section or just in an ordinary store. The bride makes the dress, the dress doesn't make the bride. Relax and have fun with it. It's gonna go by in a blink. You'll feel like it's never gonna end, the day will be there and you'll swear someone stole part of the day because there's no way it could go by that fast.
    Also I'll say don't watch wedding shows, or if you do take them with a grain of salt. I watch them and am astounded with how much crap that some ppl think it's necessary for a wedding. I can honestly say I didn't feel like I went without anything and I didn't have that much.
    Make the day about you and Adrian as much as possible because it is YOUR day. Tie things into the ceremony that is so youish and himish. Have a dinner menu planned that's about YOUR favorite foods. Serve a dessert that is your favorite. Make it a day that is memorable for you...your guests can tough it out. If they don't like it, they can pay for another ceremony for you and do it their way!!!

  2. Make sure you like the guy too :) I think THAT is the most important component of a wedding.

  3. I second everything that miss Roxi said - wise girl that one. Especially the part about it being YOUR wedding. I really wanted a destination wedding and got talked out of it and even though I have great memories of my special day - it wasn't exactly what i wanted....


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