A Day in Anne's Shoes

So this was the day we did our first big tour of sight seeing.  It was a busy day and I am pretty sure we saw half the island.  Unfortunately, many of the images we saw this day were not captured on film or camera as my camera decided to be a pissy pants and die on me after the beach.  I was not impressed, but I had my camcorder so I made due.

Little Man and Little Guy were awesome travellers for the day, they did not fuss and rarely did they cry, which is frankly amazing for Little Man since he hates to be in the car.  It may have been better because the roads were bumpy so he was bumped into sleep and Little Guy kept him company in the back seat when he was awake.

The day started with getting the children ready, having breakfast, getting ourselves ready and making lunches.  Stacey cursed the humidity in the air as it played havoc with her hairstyle. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and was content with that.  Once the preliminaries were complete we loaded ourselves into our little rental car and drove to Charlottetown to pick up Jody.  Then we were on our way to see the Ocean, Green Gables, Avonlea, Cavendish, Summerside and Rustico for supper.  

Our first stop as a group was to the beach at Rustico.  I wanted to have my picture taken with my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.  I have a picture of myself in the Pacific, so I needed an Atlantic one to match.  The water was not as cold as I expected it to be. I wouldn't go running in for a swim but dipping the feet in was pleasantly refreshing.  We didn't just stop for a picture at the ocean though we also combed the beach for shells and things too.  Stacey left a message in the sand for other people to find and we found shells and a few crabs along our journey.

Next we headed off to Cavendish, which is where you will find all things Anne related. I am speaking of Anne of Green Gable's, that fiery red-head that has made Prince Edward Island famous around the world.  If you have not read the books or seen the movies that should be on your list of things to do... they are wonderful!!!  As we drove I pointed out all the yellow houses we passed, I am sure somewhere in my past something clued me into this novelty but I can't place it.  While we were at Anne of Green Gables Little Man fell asleep, he doesn't quite have the wherewithal to enjoy cultural venues yet, but at least he wasn't screaming.  We went through the house that inspired L.M. Montgomery to write her Anne series and then we also went along the trail that Anne calls Lover's Lane.  It was a beautiful walk.  All the green ferns and fragrant flowers brightening a partly cloudy day.  The babbling brook sang as we walked through the forest.  I was in heaven even if my camera had died.  We stopped in at a little cafe that is on the farm and had our picture taken in the Anne Hat with the braids.  I am sending those pictures in so they can be placed on the wall for others to see.  I think it's a fabulous idea, and one day I am going to write a book on how I took Anne to discover other areas of Canada!!  We stopped by the village of Avonlea which wasn't open for the season but it was pretty fun.  This village hires actors to come out and play the parts of the characters from the book so it's a live interacting play that the audience gets to walk through and enjoy.  It would be an all day event.  Sadly, it was not open for the season so we only go to look at the buildings in the little village.
While in Cavendish we stopped at Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.  It was a neat experience.  Some of the things they show in there are just freaky, some are neat and some are plain gross.  We all tried the different palm reading machines that were placed around the museum.  It was a good laugh and the Little Guy enjoyed the things he saw. After the museum the boys were tired so we drove out to Summerside and then back to Rustico so the boys could get a little nap in before supper.

Finally, we ended our day at Fisherman's Wharf. It is a buffet restaurant in Rustico that serves Lobster with an all you can eat buffet.  It was fabulous!!! Everything was so tasty and so fresh it melted in your mouth.  I am forever ruined from Red Lobster, now that I have had the real fresh Lobster from Prince Edward Island I don't know that I can ever have a reheated frozen lobster tail again. 

While we were sitting down to supper we discussed the lack of tourist resorts in Canada.  I understand that in countries around the world all inclusive resorts offer the people in those poorer countries an opportunity to make more money through tips left by the visitors, but what is stopping Canada from trying something like that.  Canada and the United States are two countries that want tourism to stay in their countries, they talk of encouraging residents to stay in their own countries but they do nothing to offer incentives to do so.  If Canada, federal or provincial governments, sat down and came up with a type of all Inclusive resort that celebrated different areas of Canada I think Canadians would go.  Maybe not when it was freezing in the winter but in the summer sure why not.  Not everyone likes to camp, but people like to go on vacation.  It definitely got me thinking.... so how do i get these great ideas out to those who can make them into a reality?!?!?!


  1. I am so jealous not only of you going to PEI but also because you got to visit Green Gables... that would have been such a neat experience. PEI looks absolutely beautiful and I am happy you shared your trip with us!!


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