May Memories

May has been a surprisingly big month in our household.  We have seen Little Man reach many milestones and it almost seems like you can see him growing daily.  We have also made progress with landscaping the backyard and have begun work on the bedroom hallway.  I didn't expect May to be this busy but there you go, you always get what you least expect.

For Little Man's achievements and first have been plentiful this month.  He has learned how to crawl and how to make it up one stair.  He will now stand with help and can pull himself up into a standing position.  He has also cut his first tooth at 6 months 3 weeks of age.  I see the second tooth coming but it hasn't broken through yet.  The weather was so nice I was able to take Little Man to the park where he rode a swing for the first time.  He also had his first grown up food meal, cauliflower, meatloaf and toast.  He also got his first bee sting, thankfully there was no allergic reaction.  Little Man also went to his first out door fire.  Little Man also went swimming for the first time as well.

We built a garden in our backyard so I can plant some fresh veggies.  It is a three part garden so that I have a little flower bed in the middle of the garden as well.  I got my potatoes and carrots planted, but we are waiting for more dirt to be hauled in so I can finish planting.  Unfortunately, my dog is an idiot and dug it all up, or part of it up.  She broke through the snow fence we have around it for now and was a big crap head.  Now I have to replant the carrots and I just hope she didn't get all the potatoes.  But I am not going to fret about it, just respond by
training her more on where she is allowed to go and where she isn't.

We bought new doors for the bedrooms and are in the process of installing them.  We have to drill out the door knob holes and then shave out the hinge areas as well.  Then we paint and install.  I am super happy because Little Man's room has never had a door, and it will help with getting him to sleep better at night or at least I will be able to muffle his cries so I don't hear it as well when he is being a little turkey. 


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