Anne Land June 6th

So Sunday morning dawned on us bright and early again, well early by any standards.  Stacey had to go to a Flea Market to sell some of her stuff and we had to be there by 8.  So we were up at 6 o'clock which was 3 o'clock in the morning back home.  I had a desire to text home but I refrained from doing so and I carried on with my day.  I helped Stacey out at the Flea Market that day.  She sold a lot of her stuff and gave more of it away, but it was a neat venue and we had a great morning.  Stacey's mother came to visit and helped out a bit too.  After we had finished with the Flea Market we went out to Stacey's aunt's to have a barbecue.

The barbecue was a lot of fun, Stacey's relatives were very friendly and easy to talk to.  Little Man crawled all over the place and played with they puppy then he got tired and fell asleep on Stacey's aunty.  It was fairly adorable.  We had another relaxing day because the next day was going to be busy with all the sight seeing we were going to do. 

The boys went to bed when we got home, but they woke up around 10 and had a little late night play session.  Then Little Guy told me he had to go to bed and he put himself to bed.  It was so cute it reminded me of Chan when he was that age!!  Little Man then went back to bed with me after that.  Those two boys play so well together. 

Here's a little question I need to ask to my readers, why do guys feel like they should lie to an ex when they begin seeing a new girl??  Is it helpful for them, or is it just that we girls are so vindictive that they feel they need to lie??  This is based on something I saw while I was in PEI that Stacey had to deal with, it's unfortunate but she handled it pretty well.


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