Thursday June 3, 2010 Day One

Little Man and I left for our Prince Edward Island Adventure today.  We hung out in Red Deer packing and organizing until Chan was off school, then we sped south for a night in Calgary.

While in Calgary we stayed at the Quality Hotel on Edmonton Trail.  As I drove up to the hotel, fear gripped my stomach.  It looked a little run down and like it might be a bit of a dive.  I quickly took in my surroundings to find a place to eat after we had checked in, there was a Tim Horton's and a Denny's within walking distance.  I just kept saying it's only one night, just one night. 

Upon checking into the hotel I encountered some of the friendliest hotel staff EVER!!  Everyone offered to help me with my luggage and I kept getting discounts and deals, it was a good day.  The hotel room itself was a little dated, but it was clean and warm.  Little Man and I shared a King size bed!!!  I decided to have supper down in the restaurant that is attached to the hotel. 

In Monty's Little Man and I were shown to a booth.  The waitress of course commented on his cuteness, and provided me with a magazine to read while I waited for my meal. Monty's is a wonderful little restaurant.  It is cozy and the ambiance in the place is very relaxing.  I was pleasantly surprised again, as my first impressions were not great of the hotel.  But that just goes to show you you can't judge a book by it's cover. 

It was a long day on Friday, but we had a good sleep!!!  More later!!!


  1. Cute lil blurb about the hotel, Jenn! U should go on expedia or and leave a review!

  2. Sorry we didn't get a chance to see you Jenn - we didn't get home until late that night. Oh well, once our house is done you can stay with us instead of a hotel!!


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