Day Two June 4th PE Island here we come!!!

At 6:15 the radio in the hotel room started going off, it was a Christian talk radio station or something.  After much fumbling trying to find the snooze or the off button I was able to end the talking and silence filled the room.  The sun was shining and it looked like a great day to start our holiday.  Little Man was in a great mood, smiling and cooing at me as we got up for the day.

I got us dressed and fed Little Man some breakfast.  It wasn't much of a breakfast, just some left over sweet potatoes from the previous night, but he enjoyed them.  Besides he's not old enough to know that that's not really a breakfast meal yet.  Once we were dressed and the luggage cart load we went downstairs to meet the shuttle.  The hotel staff was again very helpful and assisted me with getting my luggage and myself on the shuttle.  We were on our way!!!

We were flying with Westjet, I am a very loyal Westjet customer.  The attendants were super accommodating.  They began helping me as I walked in from the drop off area.  One Westjetter helped push my luggage up to the ticket window and then another helped me push my luggage to the drop off area.  I was then on my way with Little Man to the gate.  Security was even pleasant, they were helpful and even joked a bit.  This was surprising seeing as security is often without smiles, not to mention humour.  We then boarded our first flight and awaited take off.

The day literally and figuratively flew by.  The time difference of three hours didn't seem to affect Little Man too much, but I was very conscious of it as I was trying to adjust Little Man's schedule so that he wasn't too grumpy later on.  We left Calgary at 8 am, landed in Toronto at 2 pm and left Toronto at 3:30 landing in Charlottetown at 6.  Stacey and her Little Guy were waiting for us in the airport.  Stacey got my luggage and I got our rental car.
this is Charlottetown airport, reminded me of Saskatoon before the renos!!

One of the first things I noticed as we were coming into Charlottetown and when we were driving down to the restaurant were the yellow houses.  When I saw them something was triggered in my head that told me I was definitely in Prince Edward Island.  It was a pale yellow colour, like pale yellow butter, and I associate that colour with the island.  It's weird but I don't associate the island with red (the sand) or green (everything else), but this pale buttery yellow is the colour I expected to see the houses and I saw a lot of yellow houses.  Stacey laughed when I first told her but then as we toured the island we noticed that there might be something to my association.

The first thing we did in Charlottetown was eat at Pat and Willie's, it's a little Mexican restaurant in downtown Charlottetown. It was Stacey's sister's birthday so we met her there and Stacey's Mother came as well.  I had a fabulous meal, the quesadillawith fries.  After we finished supper I was exhausted so Stacey drove us out to her parent's cabin. 
Stacey is in the middle she was a great hostess!!!

The cabin is just that a little cabin on the edge of her parent's property.  It had two bedrooms, a bath and a kitchen and sitting area.  There was no television, which at first I was a little worried about, but it turned out I didn't miss television at all while I was there.  We had so much to do that television would have just be an unnecessary distraction in the cabin.  Little Man and I quickly settled in, it took Little Man a bit to settle down for the night but finally we both settled down and fell asleep.  It was 10 o'clock in Charlottetown, which means it was 7 o'clock back at home lol!!! 


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