Day Three, but really Day 2 in Anne Land

After a rather restless sleep in the cabin, Little Man woke up many times and I kept listening for Stacey to get back from being out with her sister.  (It's the mom in me, I do it all the time)It was morning, and when I say morning I mean 9 o'clock.  That is the time Little Man usually gets up at home, but it was 6 o'clock back home, I tried to get him to sleep for a bit longer but he was not having any of it so I got up.  Being on Vacation though I was hoping to convince Little Man that sleeping in was a good thing, however, he's the boss and we got up.

Little Man and began getting ready slowly, Little Man woke up Stacey, she says he didn't but I disagree, he gets very excitable in the morning and was squealing away.  At least he's happy when he wakes up, even if he does have a cold.  That was the other thing that made Little Man's night rough, he caught a cold while on the plane.  He was congested and coughed but no fever and he he was good to go all day long, only at night did his cold ever seem to bother him.  However, I digress, we got dressed and ready to head out for the day.  We didn't have anything at the cabin to eat so we went up to Stacey's parent's house for brunch.  Stacey's Mom cooked us brunch of bacon, poached eggs and English muffins.  Little Man even had an English muffin with some homemade jam on it!  Donna was the nicest lady and a very gracious hostess!!  We loved visiting with Donna and Ian!!

After brunch Stacey and I  took the kids into Charlottetown.  One note about Prince Edward Island roads, there are NO SHOULDERS!  The highest speed limit is 90 KM/H and construction is a bit ass backwards.  There are no warning signs about upcoming construction like here, it's all of sudden BAM construction workers.  But back to going to Charlottetown. 

The children's festival was happening down at Peake's Keyes so we went there first Little Guy (Stacey's son) played on one of the attractions then we went to see the little shops that in the area.  One of the shops is Cows, the Ice Cream shoppe.  It was fantastic ice cream, and those of you who know me know I am an ice cream connoisseur so when I say it's good, it's gotta be good.  We looked in all the little souvenir shops and I bought a few trinkets.  We also found this picture of Profits Point and we decided that would be one of our journey's out to find this rock formation.  People said it was elephant rock but others said it was a different rock either way it was very cool and I wanted to see it.  The rock is a circle that you can look up and see a light house in the circle.  I also so the dirt shirts and bought myself a shot glass to add to my collection!

One other little gem that Prince Edward Island still has is Robin's Donuts!!  I love Robin's Donuts, it brings back so many memories from my childhood and I still claim that their donuts are way better. I got to drink tea from Robin's Donuts and ate some Robin's Eggs while on vacation I was super excited!!!

We then went shopping for some groceries so that we could have breakfast at the cabin and save some money.  We also wanted to be able to make some lunches for our journey's.  I love to travel but I am frugal when I can be!!!  That night we just relaxed at home.  The weather wasn't being very cooperative, so we stayed at Stacey's parent's house and watched a movie.  We watched Dear John  it was an ok movie.  I enjoyed it but the ending just left me going PARDON!! I felt the ending was a non ending and I don't like that about my movies, it just leaves things so wide open and unfinished.  I like things to be finished. 


  1. I haven't seen the movie yet but I heard they changed it a few weeks before being released because the preview audience didn't like it. I read the book and am still undecided if i liked the ending or not. So it will be interesting to see if i like the movie!

  2. yeah, the ending is different thant he book... but I liked it better because they actually get to be together then!The book is way better though - although they always are!


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