Last Day on the Island

It was bittersweet waking up this final morning in Prince Edward Island.  Though the weather had not been kind to us upon our arrival, with all the rain and what not, the last two days had been hot and so enjoyable.  And our final day also had us waking up to beautiful weather.  We decided to get up a bit earlier because we still had some more sight seeing to do.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, but it definitely makes life interesting.

Stacey and I had decided that we wanted to find Profit's Point to find the unique rock that was completely carved out in a circle.  That was the goal of today's journey's, that and buying some lobster to take home!!!
After a fabulous brunch with her mom, Stacey and I loaded up the car and took the boys on another excursion around the island.  Stacey's parents live fairly close to where we were travelling so it wasn't a big journey but we had to be cognizant of our flight and getting to the airport on time.  Would hate to miss my flight.... or would I???  Just kidding I was happy to be going home, just wish home wasn't so far from PEI.

We made it to Profit's Point Lighthouse and went down to the beach.  I prowled the beach looking for the shot that we saw but sadly, I did not find the shot.  It was a beautiful beach though, and the boys had fun playing in the sand. 

We drove past Lucy Maud Montgomery's birth place and took a couple pictures.  More for a memory of where to go next time I came down, but also because it was pretty cool to see history still being maintained. 

Note the General store it's that pale yellow I was talking about.
We spent some more time in Charlottetown and then it was time to take us and our lobsters home.  All in all it was a great trip.  I had such a great time and Stacey's family were terrific hosts.  Some other things I found very interesting were the different types of floral vegetation around the island.  The Lupins were some of my favourite flowers, I even bought some seeds home to plant in my front yard.  Who says you can't take part of the island home with you.  I also got some shells and rocks to make something out of, when the mood hits me I will make my little memento of the island.

In a couple years I will be going back for sure, might plan a trip to be out there for two weeks and spend some time exploring the other maritime provinces. 


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