How I met.....Lexus

As a tribute to my girl Lexus I am going to write this story in hot pink!;)

In 1996 I entered Grade 12, my friend Laleh started attending Carlton with me as well.  I was super excited because I had been at Carlton for grade 11 and had met some great people and wanted to introduce Laleh to these people too.  I will tell the story of Laleh next ;)

Laleh and I agreed to meet at Carlton on the first day of school.  We chose our lockers and compared our schedules.  Not sure that I had any classes with Laleh, but it was still exciting to be in the same hallways as her again.  I introduced her to Roxi, Angi, Correne and Jaymie, and also the guys we hung out with Tyler, Chad, Matt and Chris by default since Chris and I were no longer on speaking terms since our break up in the summer.  That is another story all together.

Grade twelve progressed, classes were attended (and skipped), dances were held and socialization occurred.  We expanded our group to include Athena, Angela and Calvin.  I also hung out with Candace and Becky and Alyssa.  Laleh began to meet more people as well and she made new friends like Carmen, and Lexus.

My first encounter with Lexus was in the upstairs hallway of Carlton.  In the math department hallway.  She was walking down the hallway with Laleh.  They reminded me of Betty and Veronica.  Laleh with her big brown hair and Lexus with her Bleached Blond locks.  Laleh introduced us then told us they had to run because they had to catch the bus.  We said good bye and that was the first time I met Lexus.

After that there were a couple of quick meetings.  She came by mine and Greg's house while I was pregnant with Chandler and once to our house when Chandler had been born and Laleh was living in our basement.  But we didn't hang out and we were nothing more than acquaintances that shared a mutual friend.

Then in 2000 I moved to Saskatoon and in 2001 Laleh moved in with me in Saskatoon.  We all started going out the bars and that is when Lexus and I began to develop our friendship.  It has blossomed and flourished into a great relationship and I am glad to count Lexus as one of my friends!!!!


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