April Update

It's been an interesting month. Well not necessarily interesting but a busy month for sure. 

We had a birthday party, baby shower, another birthday party and a wedding all in the first 16 days of the month.  After that the month slowed down, but my summer planning increased.  I was able to book three trips, a trip a month starting in May.  Two of those trips will be just Leigham and I and the third is a family trip!!  I am so excited to be taking Adrian to California!!

Leigham has been to so many birthday parties and he has so many more to go to in the near future!!  He attended Mason's birthday party, it was a pirate theme!! Leigham hung around and watched what was happening, but Mason had a great time and that was the most important part!!

I attended Nicki's baby shower.  Got to visit with three of the JUGs girls outside of JUGs and it was fun.  JUGs is a weekend summer retreat that I go on every year with my friend Estelle.  Nicki's little girl is so cute and her sister Sarah another JUGs participant is due in June!! It's been a busy year since last summer~

Adrian and I also went out and celebrated Jordan's 30th birthday with him.  It was a huge gathering of all of us and we had a good night.  Wasn't able to stay out all night but we got to hang out for the best part of the night and I was able to see Jordan transform from Jordan to Jord to Oj to ORjay.... it was a good night!!!

Then before the wedding in Prince Albert, MacDowall actually, I purchased a new vehicle.  I bought myself a 2007 Ford Explorer!! I am so happy with my purchase, I now have more room to haul more stuff with me lol.  Or enough room to be able to take my large dog with me when I go places. 

So my friend Roxann got married to her baby dadda on April 16th, 2010!!  She was a beautiful bride and I was so happy to be invited to celebrate her special day with her!!  I wish her all the happiness in the world!!!

The fun part about the wedding was having Madi and Chandler be able to hang out again.  They don't really remember hanging out when they were real small but Ang and I do and I was able to capture some pictures of the two children just hanging out together.
As you can see both children have grown, although Chandler is now like a whole head taller than Madi!!!

As for my plans for the rest of the summer I am heading to Saskatoon for a week to visit with my mom and friends at the beginning of May which isn't uber exciting but it's something to do!!!  Then in June I am heading to the Island on the East Coast!! I have never been East of Brandon Manitoba so I am super pumped to be hanging in Toronto for a couple hours then spending 5 days in PEI!! I am going to do all those lame touristy things and I am going to love every minute of it!!  The big trip of the summer will be the trip in July where the whole family is heading to California!

It will be the first time Adrian will be travelling to California and will be meeting my whole family!  It is going to be great!  We are going to be spending some time in Vacaville Area, going to the Jelly Belly Factory, The Budweiser Factory, then heading to an A's game, hopefully we will then go to Tahoe for a bit of wedding research and finishing off our trip in San Fransisco for a few days to hang out.  I am super excited no matter what we do but I do want to go shopping and sight seeing and visiting with family and friends!!!

I will be keeping everyone posted on my travels and blogging to keep everyone in the loop!!!


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