How did I meet....Roxann

Back in 1992 I got into hockey, I really started to enjoy watching hockey and I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Prince Albert Raider games. It was around this time that I also started to notice that boys were attractive and I desired to be noticed by these boys.  Now granted I was a little thirteen year old, awkward as all hell, but I thought I was the shizznit.  Hindsight being what it is, I know that I would not have interested the boys I desired but it was still a good time in my life.

My mother bought me tickets to Raider Games and I made a lot of friends at these games.  Other girls who were like minded.  We may have all been pathetic, but I didn't really think so I thought we were very cool.  In telling this story I realize that I must come to terms with some hard facts about my young self.  I was not the coolest kid in town, and some of my actions to admit to are actually mortifying, but I promise to be true to the tale.  LOL

One of the girls I met was Jodi.  She lived in Prince Albert and claimed to know some of the Hockey players.  I was mesmerized by her tales and began to hang out with her at the games.  Jodi then introduced me to her friend Roxann with no E on the end of her name.  Seriously, Roxi takes huge offense when some spells her name with an E.  Once she told me it's because she thought the E made her name look fat.  But really who am I to judge, I spell my name with two Ns and see a tiny flicker of red when people address me as Jen with one N and not Jenn with two Ns.  

Roxann and I began to hang out at Raider Games.  It was the only time we saw each other as I began going to Rivier, the all girls school and she attended Riverside a public school in Prince Albert.  I also still lived in Wakaw so hanging out after school wasn't an option either.  But the times we did hang out we had tons of fun!!!  Roxann was an absolute riot to hang out with, she made me laugh, we shared common views, and she could mock with the best of them.  

Some of the most memorable moments I shared with Roxann centered around hockey events.  One hockey event that Roxann and I have great memories from include the Ice Mania tournament.  The Seattle team, and the Seven Oaks teams were entertaining.  Sayings of "nice bum where ya from" and "don't be shy say Hi" were all mantras from those days.  

Eventually my family moved to Prince Albert and Roxann and I attended Carlton together.  The memories continued to grow and I am happy to say that I just watched Roxi get married on April 16th!!!   It is a great friendship that has maintained it's strength through the years and I foresee it continuing to go strong!!!


  1. Aww Shucks! Yeah we were NOT cool in those days...although in those days we thought we were and that's what mattered! I'm sure there are mortifying things we did outside of there. Like when I decided to find out John's name for you haha.


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