How I met.... Jeni

A couple posts ago I told the story of how I met my friend Jay from California.  In this post I will retell the story of how I came to become friends with his wife Jeni.  

Jay and I emailed and talked on the phone occasionally after becoming reacquainted in 2005.  During this time Jay had a Myspace account and began dating a girl.  Jay didn't actually tell me about his new date, his aunt informed me.   Regardless, he began dating Jeni and when I asked him about his new date he told me he was incredibly happy and thought she was the one for him.  I decided to add Jeni as a friend on Myspace.  We sent messages back and forth but never actually met until 2008.

I was at Darlene's house, Jay's aunt's, when Jay and Jeni came over for Halloween.  Jeni had the biggest smile and most welcoming expression.  As I was in California because my father was in the ICU, it was nice to be around friendly people and not be put in a awkward situation because of past histories between two people. 

Jeni and I hung out while I was in the states.  She was so much fun and it was a great distraction from the horrible situation I was down there for!!  Jeni came to Chandler's tenth birthday with Jay and her new son Jaxson.  We just got on very well, which I knew we would because how could my friend Jay marry anyone that wouldn't love me???  lol  

Jeni and I continue to chat and hang out and I am glad to have a great friend like Jeni.  She may have a name that is one of a million but Jeni is one in a million!!


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