That terrible voice..

So I may have over done it yesterday.... I was so sore today and I am sure it will be worse tomorrow, but I made it through the day.

And I kept trying to talk myself out of everything.... no run at lunch legs too sore... no walk after school have to get ready for swimming.... oh I already climbed into bed so no yoga tonight.....

But then this other voice came into play, it was small but it was ferocious!!! "Get your butt out of bed, put on some workout clothes and just do Day three of yoga!!"

The louder, excuse making voice kept making it's excuses, but the small voice it got louder and louder and finally I got out bed put on the yoga routine and just did it.

It was very Horton Hears a Who-esque.... but you know what?? I feel so much better now that I did that workout, not more energetic but more relaxed, more centred. I love how I feel after yoga, like I've just had the most extensive workout but the most wonderful release of all those negative things.

That small voice is getting louder, it's cheering me on!! I know I can do this, I can reach the goals I have set for myself, it's going to take time, discipline and probably more than a few tears, but it is so going to be worth it!!

Never give up, always try your best!! It's the least you can do!!! It's how you get those wonderful before and after photos!! here's my before video reveal on youtube


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