Five year plan!!

I've decided that I have a new five year plan... I mean you should always have a new five year plan and to be honest I've never really had a five year plan,  just a wing and a prayer!  And really it's done well for me so far, but I wan to be more organized and really plan out what we are going to do, how we are going to get further ahead.

Things aren't great right now, the recession has hit our house and it is a little scary!! I am working at the moment, but my husband is not and there are just no jobs out there.  But this too shall pass and my husband will be working again and we need to be ready with the important goals when that happens.

So where do I want to be in the next five years

- A permanent teaching contract with Red Deer Public Schools as a Foundations Teacher!

-A new home in a new community either in Red Deer or one of the communities within 20 minutes of Red Deer.

-A new Mercedes paid for with my Arbonne earnings (RVP here I come)

-A lake property lot that we are setting to develop

-working on completing my Masters in Special Education

-my husband working a job he loves filling in his passion

Yeah that's where I want to be in five years!! Where would you like to be?


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