Arbonne Pamper Baskets

I am always thinking of different ways to improve my customer service.  How can offer those who choose to support me in my business an exceptional experience that they are excited to do business with me again?  What do people want in customer service?  What do people consider to be exceptional, why do people return to do business at different areas?

Here are my answers to those questions and my ideas to support a wonderful customer experience in my business for those who want to support me.

What do people want in customer service?
I want to talk to people.  I don't want emails and texts and Facebook posts, I want people to talk to me.  I mean emails, texts, posts all have their place and are a great way to start a discussion but I want to talk to people who are selling me things, I want a relationship with them.  I really dislike all the impersonal ads that I come across or the terrible emails trying to get you to try a new product but with no real person behind you.  It's also why I hate commercials.

So I want to give people a relationship with me.  So they know that I stand behind my products that I am going to be there to help them with purchases or returns so they know I am honest and trustworthy.  In the end I am hoping they will also provide me with an opportunity to help them, and that they understand that by purchase from me I am going to take my earnings and help my family but also support my community by shopping local!!

Why do people return to do business at different stores?
I've always returned to stores to shop and do my business there because of two things.  One is deals, I love a good deal and I love a wonderful bargain.  So I will go back to a store if it offers good deals but has quality items. I am not going to spend good, hard earned money on senseless deals for items that weren't even worth the deal price.  Two, I will go back to a store if it is local and offers good customer service.  I can go to Walmart/ Superstore/ Costco and get many products for a great price, but if I can find those same products elsewhere and have to spend a little extra money I will do it if the customer service is good to great to exceptional.  Many stores often get some leeway that if the customer service wasn't amazing one day it could be because the salesperson wasn't having a good day so I will go back but only once or twice and then they are written off.

With Home based businesses this can be different I won't write of the business but I will write of the consultant if the consultant doesn't offer a good service.  If the consultant offers good customer service then I will ensure that they get my repeat business.

What is exceptional?
I think this is going above and beyond.  Working so hard to ensure that my time with them is almost like time with family or loved ones.  It has to set a great feeling, that they are the most important people around. I can't be distracted with other people, or texts, or emails when I am offering a service to someone. I need to be there fully and presently and that's what makes for exceptional customer service!! Being there, being present and being honest!

How can I offer exceptional Customer service?
Well one is to be present with my customers, to listen to their concerns and provide timely follow up. I can make sure I make offer knowledgable suggestions that will enable my customers to make informed decisions on what will work best for them.
I can provide samples for my customers to try before they buy. PAMPER BASKETS!!!
And this is what I am focusing on right now.  Providing my customers with pamper baskets.  Baskets with full sized products that they can try before purchasing to see if they like any of the items and which ones they like the most.

So do you want one?  What are other examples of exceptional customer service?


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