Calendar Tool

Sometimes our biggest downfall to filling in our goals is not being organized.  Not being organized and falling into those pits of despair so I am battling that.  It's not a perfect plan right now, but I am pretty confident I can make this work and slowly integrate it into my daily schedule.

So one of the tools I am using is my desk calendar.  I am a very visual person and I like to have things   in front of me to see and I like to use my calendar on my phone.  I used to be really good at this when I had a variety of appointments always being scheduled but then when my job changed I stopped feeling the need to be so organized.  However, now with having a full time job, three kids, a personal life and a part time home based business I need to have something that is going to organize me so I can reach all my goals.

I am using this calendar, it's supposed to be a weekly calendar to track all your kids events and things, but I am using it to track all the things I want to accomplish each week.  I can track my physical activity, my Arbonne stuff, my blogging and Vlogging, my novel writing and my kids activities.  It's great I love it and it very much helps with my personal accountability!!

Check out my youtube video for more organizational tips that I use!!


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