Photo Blog Today

I'm going to do a Photo Blog today and every month I will do a blog of just some of my favourite photos that I have taken this past month.  This will be a away for me to take photos with purpose and work on that passion of mine. I love photography, I love taking pictures but I need to learn more and practice more.  I am very much a candid photographer, I could be a paparazzi for my friends and family and those are the pictures I love the most. Capturing those moments and those are the photos I want to share with you. So here are some of my favourite Candid photos that I have taken in the past.

 Here is Lil Man lifting the hammer of Thor, he was so excited to meet his superhero idols!! This was such an amazing trip!! Can't wait until we can go back with Prince T!
 Prince T is so candid and expressive in what he does, He loves smiling and dressing up, here he is putting on his glasses!
 Prince T with his bestie Miss J.  They are so fun to watch together!
 This is a shot of Lil Man receiving his certificate for being Loving, with one of his friends who he loves a lot!!
 And Prince T is a superhero on the Potty>>>> he's super Potty boy!! yet he hasn't used it yet!!
 He even likes to dress himself!!! I can't take him anywhere!!

 Here's my friend posing as a foot ball player this was such a fun night during Arbonne's GTC!!
And Chandler and his buddy Eli posing on Chandler's graduation night!!


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