5 Months has gone by

I'm so bad at this sometimes!! I just get out of a groove and forget to post and then I get behind and blah blah blah... anyways, it seems like it's been so much longer than 5 months but there you go, Prince T is now 5 months old!!

He's so expressive and active that he's doing something new each day!! He has some of the best smiles I have ever seen, when he's really happy or excited about something he smiles so big his eyes turn into quarter moons!! He is talking more and more each day, not with words as I have to explain to Lil Man, but he's exercising his vocal cords and I fear I have another chatter box on my hands.

He's mastered rolling over and he's trying to crawl.  He loves his jolly jumper and his exosaucer!! He's starting to sleep better through the nights and is even starting to soothe himself back to sleep should he wake up momentarily.  We've got a 7-8 o'clock bedtime which works really well and he'll sleep until midnight  but then is up two more times before morning.   (that's a little annoying but I'm sure once he starts eating he will be good to sleep through the whole night!! fingers crossed)  He loves his bath. He is still a Momma's boy (all my boys are) and loves cuddles and snuggles all the time!! He's becoming mobile, he can roll and push himself into new locations but can't figure out how to get out of them.

He's taken to crying and acting like he doesn't know how to solve problems when he's on his tummy.  He's not a fan of long car rides unless mom is in the back seat with him.  He really is a happy baby and does enjoy most things. He's a little jealous, as I said he's a Momma's boy, so when I am holding his cousin and he sees it he vocalizes his unhappiness until I put his cousin down and pick him up!! Such a funny kid!!


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