Cherish Me for I am Child

My mother works for Healthy Moms Healthy Babies with the Saskatoon Health Region and in her office this poem hangs
It says: (sorry the picture is so horrible)
Comfort me when I cry I need to feel you close
Watch over me keep me safe from harm
Give me your guidance I need to know my limits
Smile at me let me know I am your joy
give me hugs and kisses show me that I make you happy
Play with me I can show you how to have fun
read to me it will help me learn
talk and sing to me I will learn to speak
Answer me when I talk I will learn to communicate
Wonder what I am thinking I want you to understand me
Give me quiet time I need time to rest and think
teach me about my family I need to know I belong
guide me through my life I want to follow the right path
be patient with me I have a lot to learn
I need to know I am important to you
be in my life always

I'm not sure who the author is or where this came from but I love it!!I think it's great and a wonderful reminder of all the things our children need from us to grow into healthy whole human beings!!


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