My new Nephew

Well it's been 15 years since I blessed my siblings with their first nephew and finally my sister has given me my first nephew that is rooted in my family tree.  I've many wonderful nephews and  nieces from my amazing girlfriends and I cherish that these kids want to call me Aunty and I wear that badge with just as much pride and honour as I have for my sister's little guy.

But this isn't a post about the craziness that is my extended family, this is a post about my adorable, squeezable, sweet and innocent new nephew!!  He's an eager beaver that one, he came three weeks early, but he's also a determined little guy!!

He was so small when he was born, and I guess small by today's standards and what I'm used to for average weights of babies, not necessarily small for other people and stuff. But he was just over 5 pounds which I think is small.  But was he put together just right!! He is a little perfect soul and I just love that little bugger.

Now he's given my sister some heartache, she's a first time mom and has watched me raise my boys, seemingly, with no difficulty.  I say seemingly because she's not hear 24/7/365 so she doesn't see the bad days or the days when I just couldn't figure things out or the days when my hormones were out of control and made me cry over everything.  So she is experiencing motherhood for the first time and it's very different from my experiences. I was never worried my babies were small, I was never worried that they weren't getting enough because they were gaining weight, I was not worried about a lot of things because with my first I was so young, I just determined I knew nothing and then with my 2nd and 3rd I'd done it once and what I'd done the first time seemed to raise a loving, accepting intelligent child so I knew I could do it again.  Baby O is just giving my sister the gears, he wants to make sure that he tests all the boundaries now to see what he can get away with. I say she's lucky he's doing it now so that maybe when he's older he won't do it then.

Anyways Prince T loves his new cousin and Lil Man is over the moon to have a new baby around!! He thinks its cool that we have two babies at Grandma's house.  Chandler is indifferent, being 15 will do that do boys, but he does admit he's pretty cute!!

I love my kids but they do test you to see what you can handle and it starts the moment they come out.  What were some of your challenges?


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