People are always telling me how much Lil Man and Prince T look alike, mostly it's how much Prince T looks like Lil Man.  As they are siblings this is a good thing, at least my husband can't say they came from different dads hahahaha just kidding he'd never say that.  But as I look at them I see differences, tiny differences but sometimes those tiny  differences are huge, they make them look like different kids altogether.

And I'm not sure where there attributes come from, some people say me, some say my husband but I think it's a good mix whether it's from me or my husband.  Sometimes I see all my husband in my children, especially when they are mad hahaha, but sometimes I see my family in them so then I know I'm seeing a reflection of myself.  I do know that my kids are cute kids, and yes I may be bragging, but if I don't brag about my good looking children who will??

So here's a little side project I did today, I've taken photos of each of my boys at 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 4 month and 5 month to see how similar they are!!  Obviously Chan is less like Prince T and Lil Man because he has a different dad but they do look surprisingly similar in some of the photos...  but I'll let you be the judge of that!!

Here are the boys Chan, Lil Man and Prince T at birth to one month

Here are the boys at two months of age!!

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Here are the boys at three months of age

Here are my three at four months of age!

Here are the three boys at 5 months!!!

I'm blessed to have such great kids!!


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