updating a dresser change table

So I completed my first do it yourself project.... ok maybe not my first, but the first one this year.
I took an old change table dresser and painted it.  I wanted to do something just for Baby T, because, well let's be honest, Baby T is the third boy and is going to be living in the land of hand me downs, so he needed something that was just his, which he got when I redid this dresser.

I was thinking of doing an ombre look for the dresser but then I didn't want to buy a lot of different paints so I went with two colours.  A really dark blue for the drawers and door and then a light blue for the rest.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from the project.

started out with a  pine look

gave the drawers a quick sanding to help keep the paint on

blueberry for the drawers

It should have only been a day project, but I took a week to complete this project. More because I took 5 days off before working on the project against I ended up only doing two of the drawers the first day and the rest of the dresser the next weekend. The first two drawers were painted with a brush and the rest I used small rollers.  You can't really tell the difference unless you look really closely. In the pictures because they are after the first coat you can tell the difference, but once the second coat was applied it was not noticeable unless you were looking for the imperfections.

Thankfully, we finally had some nice weather so I was able to work outside.  I was still pregnant so I did not want to be painting inside, and I am a messy painter so I should not be allowed to paint indoors, I always make mess!!  I am very happy with how the dresser ended up and because we are reusing the Finding Nemo decorations from Lil Man's nursery the dresser fits right in. But it will be easy to update to a spider man dresser when Baby T gets a bit bigger because of the colour scheme!!


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