Choosing a name for Baby T

His arrival was much anticipated!! It was a month prior to him finally arriving that we first thought he would make his entrance, but he kept us waiting, past the first due date, past the second due date all the way to the third predicted due date.
 (I'll be honest I don't understand due dates, I figured baby would arrive May 11, dating ultrasound said the 9th and the 20 week ultra sound said the 15th,
I don't understand how they can all be different but they were and he waited until the last due date on the list to make his arrival)

While we waited for Baby T to arrive we had to choose a name.  Now this is a bit of a funny story, at least I find it humorous.  My husband works away and from past experience, when Lil Man was born, he's not really great at picking names, I basically have to give him options and he'll then help me decide from that point.  So I sent hubby a text with a name and I was in love with the name it was T. Jenson, and I was convinced we would call the baby TJ.
An hour went by, then two, then it was the next day and then two days later and he did not respond to the text, so I figured he didn't like the name.  With a huge sigh, I shelved the name and opened my baby name book and websites to find another unique boy name.  This is always so difficult picking a name, but I was determined, as time went on I wasn't as sold on Jenson as a middle name. * I was picking Jenson to have my name tied to one of my kids names, and also because my best friend and I had made a deal when her second child was born that the middle name would be Jenelle, a combination of our two names, but since I wasn't having  girl I was trying to find another option*   I felt that Jenson might not be the best name and I started considering different possible family names that might be acceptable for middle names.  My hubby's middle name is Leslie, and I have an uncle named Leslie and my best friends daughter's other middle name is Leslie, so I started playing with name combinations that included Leslie, but because I am all about tying names together I went for an alternate spelling should we choose that name for this baby's second name.  So I came up with a  list of possible first names that I felt were good suggestions to talk with hubby about, in this list was Corbin, Hayden, Corwyn, and a name that started with B but I discarded that name quickly, and obviously I didn't like it that much because as I write this I cannot remember it.  I ended up scratching Hayden off the list since my sister's best friend has a child named Hayden, it was too close to want to go with that name.  So I gave my new list to my husband, he looked at it and then he says, 'Well I liked that first suggestion you sent me a month ago.'
WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me?? but no he wasn't kidding me he just neglected to tell me that he thought the first suggestion was a good suggestion. At the end of the day we decided that the baby would have Leslie for a middle name, but with the alternate spelling and that when the baby was born and we got a look at him, we would decide at that point what his name should be.  It was between T and Corbin/ Corwyn.

* A little side note, I love my babies name but I am not sharing it on these public sites so as to give him some anonymity I understand that it can be frustrating but that is what it is.*

The only person I told our choices of names too was my sister.  When I first told her she gave me a mixed response.  She took a sharp breath in and then our conversation ended shortly afterwards.  It was so strange.  I found out after Baby T was born that she had wanted to name her baby T if her baby was a boy, but in all the years she was considering this she never told me, she had only told her hubby.  If she had told me I would have chosen a different name, but there is no going back now as Baby T fits his name perfectly!!

Baby T is coming into this crazy family as the third boy.  He's got two amazing older brothers, a wonderful father and some very large pets!!
We couldn't be happier with this little bundle who is just a darling and everything I could have hoped for!! He looks just like his middle brother Lil Man, but there are some differences that maybe only a mother will notice, but I'm pretty sure my two youngest boys will be carbon copies of each other as they grow!!


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