State of the union End of May!!

State of the Union May 30, 2014
             In                                       Out

Healthy Eating                     snacking on junk food
30 Day Squat Challenge

30 Day Butt Challenge           
 30 days of watching TV

30 Day crunch Challenge

Loving my body                 focusing on the number on the scale (211)
Enjoying my time with my boys     stressing about what I can't control

So I have started all three of these 30 day challenges. I'm not looking forward to day 30 of any of these challenges but I figure it's a work in progress and I can get there!! If nothing else it will get me active and starting to do something.  As for eating healthy, it's happening I am buying the snacks that are healthy and avoiding those snacks that are not appropriate. Still going to have days when I can indulge in sweet treats but won't deprive myself if a craving comes up and I can't figure out another option.  I think these three challenges will be a good start to my first six weeks of getting fitter and I will update more as time passes.

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