The past year...

lil man and me

For the past year, and quite literally, I have been focused on increasing the size of my family.  After my sisters wedding in Vegas, we decided it would be a great time to become pregnant again.  So we began actively trying.  The journey to having a third child was paved with many hurdles that we had to compensate for that I had never faced before.

Tamara and I at Fifth Avenue Collection 25 Anniversary seminar

The timing of getting pregnant was our first hurdle.  I'd never had difficulty before, but to be honest I had never really tried to get pregnant before based on my cycle, I just figured that is what happened with the first two pregnancies.  The hurdles with this one weren't necessarily with my cycle but my husband began to work away from home so he was gone for long periods of time. It was stressful because I did have a time frame for when I wanted to be pregnant by so that I could have my baby by a certain date.  It was the control freak in me that caused the stress.  As each month passed and my menstrual cycle started I was discouraged and a little heartbroken.  I also had one either false positive or a miscarriage in June or July.  But after 3 months, which really isn't that long, I got a positive pregnancy test and so began my journey to my third child.
my two handsome boys!!

It's fair to say that having a girl was a desire for myself as I have two very handsome boys.  In all honesty though I wasn't too particular, as long as the child was healthy I would be happy boy or girl.  
So then it was the waiting game to find out what the baby was going to be... and yes I am one of those people that likes to find out what the baby is prior to it being born I like to be prepared (control freak thing again).

hubby and I in Cancun

Health issues became the bane of my existence through this pregnancy. And absolutely weird health things came up.  I mean it may have something to do with my age (I'm not old but I'm older than I was when I had my first child) or it was just something to do with this cute baby, who knows but all my pregnancies have been very different.  The first issue I had was with my back.  I threw it out by turning to pour milk into cereal for Lil Man, and something just pinched.  I went upstairs to rest to let it release but it just got worse and worse, then I had to go to the hospital via ambulance.  Not that they did anything for me, but man was I ever in pain.  I couldn't walk for a week, or I could walk but most of the time I was crawling around.  Thankfully, my oldest is very helpful and he stayed home to take care of me and the youngest went to Grandma and Papa's for a few nights which made things much better but man that was a painful experience.  The next health issue that came up was a panic attack.  I was sitting at work one day doing something with my email, and the IT guy was in helping me out when all of a sudden my heart started racing and I was in a cold sweat.  My heart was beating so fast that I could see my heart beating through my chest. I tried to just sit back and calm down but nothing was working so I went to the hospital.  My heart was racing at 188 beats per minute, but everything else was fine.  It was absolutely crazy and then a couple hours later it passed and I have not had another experience.  The final thing is something I am still trying to get fixed up, but in March I got really sick, my ear got plugged and I had a bad case of vertigo. It was so bad I was in the hospital twice to be hooked up to IV because I was vomiting all the time.  It was not a good time, and my ear is still plugged. I am working backwards and i can feel the ear unplugging a little each day but it's making me dizzy and nauseous.  I guess that wasn't the last thing, the last thing was my blood pressure it got high and because it was high I was induced, but as soon as baby was born my blood pressure went back to being perfect.

baby's first photo
Another hurdle was the cooperation of this third baby.  Third baby was a little turkey, first third baby did not cooperate at the first ultrasound and we didn't find out the sex of the baby at 20 weeks.  So then we had to wait until 32 weeks to ascertain that the baby was a boy.  I now have three beautiful boys that are going to spoil and protect their mom!! I do have two momma's boys and I am pretty sure this third will be a momma's boy as well.  

I've now been home for 10 days with a beautiful, charming, perfect baby boy! He's a great baby and I am absolutely smitten with him.  I can't imagine my life without him and it truly feels like our family is now complete!! I know some people in my life think I'll be having another baby in a couple years, but I am done, unless by some miracle of God's intervention this is my family. My hubby, myself and the three boys!!  I'll let my boys have girls that I can spoil and turn into shopping buddies!!


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