First day of my last maternity leave

Well today marks the first day of my last maternity leave.  What kept me up last night, thoughts of work and did I let my replacement know this or that.  I had a little conversation with myself as I got up, put those thoughts into a bubble and blew them away.  I'm sure I left her much more prepared than I was going into the role, but it is very difficult to prepare for everything while you are still working the day to day of the job.

My next focus needs to be keeping Lil man busy without letting him watch television all day. I'm not against television, but it's what I feel should be a last option especially since he has so many toys and likes to be outside so much.  I will need to print off some calendars and some schedules for him so that he knows what to expect each day, and then we will have good days.  And maybe he will get some extra learning in as well.

I will be scouring Pinterest and other blogging sites to help set up our days so we have things to do, and when we need down time that's when books and television can come into play.  It's a new adventure for this momma.

For today though we will be going to school this morning, I'll do a little shopping, then we are going on a picnic with some friends and will be playing at the park.  Time to get going to school.


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