My body Image

To be perfectly honest, I've always had issues with my body image. Not as bad as some people, I've never suffered from anorexia or bulimia, but there has always been a love hate relationship with my body.  I think most people go through this, they look in the mirror or see pictures of themselves and automatically start dissecting what they don't like about their body.     I've had these thoughts and more it's unfortunately not the best mind set to have, it's very discouraging always focusing on the negative aspects of ones body image.

And let's be honest many of the issues people have with their body come from genetics versus the image of beauty perpetrated by the media.  There is no fighting genetics and the amount of airbrushing that happens within the pages of the glossy magazines makes those body images unattainable.  I've started looking at the magazines as really great comics, at least the pictures, because they just aren't real and quite frankly my body type will not allow me to look like those starlets that grace the covers of these magazines.  They are either too thin with very few curves or have more curves in the back then I have ever been blessed with (genetics, I mean I was born and my father called me Cracker ass, because my ass was flat, it didn't have that cute baby bump).

The reality of things is I am not completely satisfied with the state of my body, but I just had a baby, and I am not complete unhappy with my body.
 I would like to improve the shape of my body in key areas, my stomach, thighs, gluteus maximus, and arms. It's a whole body makeover really.  I still feel pretty, I still feel like I am a good person, and if someone is not going to like me based on my looks alone I guess I don't want to have to deal with that person anyways.  But I do want to become more fit, I do want to have more energy for chasing my kids, I do want to promote a healthy lifestyle for them, I want to show them that being active is an important part of growing up through all stages of life, I want to give my kids their best chance at a long healthy life because I teach them the tools through role modelling and speaking while they are young.  The perk will be me fitting into my size 10 or size 8 clothes again and feeling great about how I look when I walk down the street.

State of the union May 27, 2014
Eating: Healthy choices but not putting in restrictions, only eat when hungry
Exercising: walking each day and home exercise program of yoga
Weight: 215 lbs (how nerve wracking is this to actually post this)
Measurements: Haven't done these yet, but will do chest, two waists and thigh and calves
Starting Picture:
Goal Outfit for summer Picture (six weeks from now):

He'll get bigger and I'll get more fit!!


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