This Mother needs HELP!!!

Ok so this isn't my first time with a two year old, and for the most part my two year old is a darling child.  Then there are those OTHER times.  You know the times when he wants to stay up forever, he wants to whine and pout, when he cries whenever you tell him no, and the worst when he still doesn't sleep through the whole night!!!!  I need HELP!!!

Our biggest fight with him is that he has never gone to bed without a fight, NEVER!!!  He wants to be read stories ( I stop at two, because he would have me read all night to avoid going to bed), then he wants to be sung to,( again I stop at two because he would have me sing all night as well), then he asks for the other parent.  So I may not be first, but he will ask for me next, if I am first he asks for Dad.  This is our fault, we have catered to this behaviour, we let him ask for mom, then dad, then mom again.

I am at my breaking point.  I am willing to leave him in his room to cry, and cry and cry himself to sleep or into submission.  I did it last week, on Friday his dad wasn't home, I read him two stories, sang him his bed time songs, gave him kisses and hugs then walked away.  He was still asking for more and more, but I left, went to my room closed my door and listened to him crying unitl 9.  At 9 he was  ready to be tucked into bed, we sang one more song then he was asleep  minutes later. So I know that if we stick to this he will give into our demands for a bedtime routine, I just don't know how to get my husband on board.

The other issue is I can count on two hands, maybe, the number of nights my child has slept through completely without waking up in the middle of the night.  In 912 days he has slept through the night 6 nights maybe.  Most nights he wakes up at 1 or 2 am, and again at 4 or 5 am, then he is up for the day at 7am.  So in the last 912, I have had exactly 12 nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Can you blame me for being at my wits end?!?!! I have learned to function on interrupted sleep, but I know my body is craving a good nights sleep, I just have to get one soon or something is going to break.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions, things they have tried that have worked, things to avoid doing, because I cannot live like this anymore.  I NEED HELP!!!!


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