Lil Man's Baptism

So after two years we finally got around to baptizing Lil Man, no we did not baptize him Lil Man, but his baptized name initial are LM.  But so are his real initials.  So after so much fanangling and hurdles to jump through we set the date for Lil Man's baptism for April 14th.  We secured ourselves god parents, Kim and Ty, and we set about to have the ceremony.

Catholic ceremonies are hard enough  to understand but I am sure they were very difficult for our guests who were not Catholic.  I don't know what it's like to be in a church you don't go to and how awkward it feels to partake in their services.  It's something of a fish out of water experience.  But aside from that everything turned out really well.

Lil man was so well behaved for the entire ceremony!!! He did awesome, he didn't even cry when he had his head baptized with the holy water.  It was fabulous!!!  Here are some pictures from that night.


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