New Job New Horizons

So I started a new position at the beginning of the month.  My official title is Residential Program Coordinator.  I am part of a Management Team with Parkland CLASS in Red Deer, and I am really enjoying my position.

I am constantly busy and learning new things, there seems to be room for advancement, maybe not in placement but at least in training so that I can further my education.  Is everything perfect, well maybe not, things are really busy right now, we are working towards changing our accreditation, so things are, to say in a whirlwind would be a bit of an understatement.

I get to help set up programs and I get to  help train staff and create working documents for staff to use.  It's a really interesting job, it's not what I am used to but it has a high learning curve so I enjoy that.  The learning, I feel as if I am improving myself all the time.  I have always said if being a professional student would pay the bills I would have done that instead of joining the work force.

So that's my update!!! The job situation looks great!!!


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